STC Teaching Award Winners

Student-Taught Course Teaching Awards

The STC Teaching Award will be given every fall and spring semester to recognize the exceptional teachers of these courses. The process for determining the winner of the STC Teaching Award was developed by the CTE’s undergraduate advisory board and CTE staff members. The winner is selected by a committee composed of CTE Faculty Fellows. Selection criteria are based on a review of instructional materials and student evaluations. Every year the fall and spring semester awards will be given to the winners at the CTE's annual University Awards Ceremony in April.

2023 Award Winners
  • Krithi Pachipala, Class of 2022, and Rishi Vas, Class of 2022, Mind Matters
  • Lara Lin, Class of 2023, Wines & Vines
2022 Award Winners
  • Leenah Abojaib, Class of 2022, and Avery Bullock, Class of 2022, Not Your Grandma’s Crochet
  • Sahana Prabhu, Class of 2021, Principles and Applications of Visual Design
2021 Award Winners
  • Savannah Cofer, Class of 2020, Mathematical Origami Design
  • Lillian Wieland, Class of 2022, Keep Abreast with Your Chest
2020 Award Winners
  • Daniel Koh, Class of 2020, Hip Hop History
  • Stephanie K. Scoville, Class of 2020 and Erik Yamada, Class of 2019, Hawaii: Beyond the Brochure
2019 Award Winners
  • Carly Freiders, Class of 2020, Social Issues Modern Musicals
  • Paul Mayer, Class of 2018, Intro to Music Production
2018 Award Winners
  • Lucy Lai, Class of 2018, How Music Plays the Brain
  • Chas Taylor, Class of 2017, Screwtape and the Art of Self-reflection
2017 Award Winners
  • Lucrecia Aguilar, Class of 2018, The Endangered Species and Why They Matter
  • Ashley Buchanan, Class of 2016, The Art of Attraction in KPop Music
2016 Inaugural Award Winner
  • Bo S. L. Kim, Class of 2016, Understanding Asian America Through Food