Pedagogical Sciences Projects

Current projects

  • Developing assignments to teach process-based knowledge for medical equipment troubleshooting
    Renata Ramos and Kathryn Kundrod
  • Impact of classroom environment on student accomplishment of course learning goals
    Beth Beason-Abmayr
  • Integrating student goals and instructor goals in the service-learning classroom
    Ellen Whitehead and Jenifer Bratter
  • Effectiveness of a quiz tool in teaching program execution
    Scott Rixner and John Greiner
  • Strategic thinking course outcomes assessment
    Arnaud Chevallier and Elizabeth Barre
  • Comparison of online vs. in-person sections of COMP 140
    Scott Rixner
  • Effect of knowledge of writing on reading in adult Chinese learners
    Mingjun Zhao, Simon Fischer-Baum, and Wei-Li Hsu
  • Effectiveness of a tool in teaching algorithmic curiosity
    Scott Rixner and Lucy Nakhleh
  • Teaching skepticism in business statistics through reading and class discussion
    Julia Schedler
  • Surveying students in experimental biosciences
  • Jamie Catanese
  • Collaborative problem solving between architects and engineers
    Matthew Wettergreen
  • Designing a short by powerful Deep Learning Course
    Jonas Actor and Risa Myers
  • Test of effectiveness of positive psychology on "authentic happiness" score
    Sandra Parsons
  • Teaching ethics in computer science
    Rodrigo Ferreira
  • Prototype testing in project abwd engineering design curriculum
    Sabia Abidi, Andi Gobin, and Matthew Wettergreen
  • Use of student produced educational videos to promote learning and technical communication
    Sabia Abibi and Renata Ramos
  • Analysis of student performance and teamwork in experiential learning courses for data science
    Arko Barman, Su Chen, and Genevera Allen
  • Evaluation of Student Learning in BioSciences Cures
    Beth Beason-Abmayr

Past projects

  • Undergraduate student confidence in research skills
    Jordan Trachtenberg
  • Teaching methods and system perceptions in computer science
    Claudia Ziegler Acemyan, Zoran Budimlic, Philip Kortum, and Dan Wallach
  • Teaching and learning in political sciences courses
    Sandra Parsons
  • Overcoming STATic mindset
    Carissa Zimmerman
  • SMART: Student Metacognition Across Repeated Tests
    Carissa Zimmerman and Sandra Parsons
  • The value of humanistic pedagogy and museum-based teaching for pre-medical and STEM students
    Marcia Brennan and Josh Eyler
  • Growth mindset in a writing class
    Elizabeth Munoz and Sandra Parsons
  • Team skill training in honors Chemistry lab (CHEM 154)
    Michelle Gilbertson, Denise Reyes, and Eduardo Salas
  • Student Response System (SRS) for tracking and choosing in-class questions
    David Lane
  • Enhancing intercultural competence through a six-week study abroad program
    Hiromi Takayama
  • The impact of self-assessment on metacognitive skills
    Ania Kowalik
  • Incorporating anti-racist pedagogy into foreign language classrooms
    Hiromi Takayama
  • Engineering biology: A student-taught course to introduce undergraduates to synthetic biology
    Beth Beason-Abmayr and Emma McCormick