Umbrella IRB for Teaching-Related Research

We are pleased to report that our university's Institutional Review Board has recently approved an umbrella protocol for ongoing pedagogical research at Rice. The Center for Teaching Excellence will be leading the research program, and anyone doing teaching-related research can join our protocol.

It is our hope that this will streamline the process for pedagogical research projects considerably, and we believe that this program will not only be of great benefit to our students, but it will also enhance Rice’s visibility nationally with respect to teaching and learning initiatives.

Principal Investigators

Sandy Parsons, Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology (PI)

How to Join the Protocol

In MS Word format, please send a completed protocol form and any surveys or interview questions you will use in the study to Sandy Parsons. Most studies included in the protocol will use specific language on course syllabi as the mechanism for acquiring students' consent. If you wish to use another means for consent, please include it when you email Sandy the other materials. Students who do not wish to take part in the study should be provided with alternate means of assessment.

Criteria for Joining the Protocol
  • Studies must only involve Rice students.
  • Studies cannot, at this point, receive external funding. Internally funded projects will work, but we will need to file a specific modification for those.
  • Studies should be connected to a specific course offered at Rice.
  • All investigators need to have current CITI certification (see below).
CITI Certification

As required by federal regulations, any investigator conducting human subjects research must complete CITI training, specifically the "Social & Behavioral" Basic Course. You can register for and begin the CITI training here.

What's New in Research on Teaching & Learning

Each semester, the CTE hosts at least one formal research presentation on a specific question addressed within the scholarship of teaching and learning. The "What's New in Research on Teaching and Learning" talks take place over lunch (provided by the CTE) and are open to all faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students.

Ongoing Research in Pedagogical Sciences

Active Umbrella IRB projects TBD.