List of External Teaching Awards


The Rice University CTE provides a comprehensive list of disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching awards in higher education. This list does not include teaching awards specific to one university or college, including Rice University. Awards internal to Rice University can be found here.


Below you can locate external teaching awards by searching our database by discipline/field or by due date. To locate awards in a specific discipline or field use the drop-down menu "Browse Awards by Discipline/Field." To locate an award with a submission due date in the fall (Aug-Dec) or spring (Jan-Jul) use the drop-down menu "Browse Awards by Due Date." Click on the title of an award to see a description of the award and a link to the award webpage.


This list is updated every year, during the summer months. If you have suggestions for additions to this list please contact Robin Paige, Director of the CTE.

Rice University Professor of Psychology Michelle "Mikki" Hebl is the Recipient of the 2016 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching