Do I need to get approval for my COLL course from my college magister?

Yes. Once you have decided you want to teach a STC you should check with your college master to determine the steps you need to take to get your college magister's approval. Your college magister must sign the proposal form before it can be submitted to the Center for Teaching Excellence. Some questions to ask your college magister are:

Do I submit my proposal to you or another person/group within the college? [note: some colleges have a committee of faculty associates review the proposal, some have a student committee, and at other colleges the magister is the only person to review the proposal]

By what date must I submit my final proposal to you for your final approval?

Who sends/takes the proposal to the CTE’s office (student, college coordinator, magister)?

What if I want to co-teach a course - do all of the course instructors need to take COLL 300?

Yes. All student instructors must take COLL 300 to be instructors of record. However, you will only submit one proposal to one college.

Do I need to take COLL 300 again if I want to teach more than one COLL course?

No. You can submit a proposal for as many courses as you wish once you have taken COLL 300.

How do I get credit for teaching an STC?

You need to enroll in the teaching practicum at your college to get 1-unit of credit for teaching an STC. Each college has a COLL 200: Teaching Practicum with the college magister as the instructor of record.

Does my faculty sponsor need to be a "faculty" member?

Although it is strongly encourage that you work with a faculty member as your sponsor, a staff member or post-doctoral scholar can also serve as a course sponsor. When looking for a sponsor you want to look for someone that can provide guidance on both content and pedagogy.

What if I want to enroll more or less than 19 students in my class?

All STC course must be capped at 19 students, but you can request that you are able to limit enrollment to fewer than 19 students (for pedagogical or logistical reasons). If you want to enroll more than 19 students you can teach more than one section of the same course.

Can I ask students to special register for my class is there are prerequisites they need to meet?

Yes. In special cases the CTE may approve special registration for the course. In the past classes that require students to be at least 21 years old have been granted this exception.

My course was not approved by the CTE’s office. Can I resubmit a revised course?

Yes. Generally the CTE will ask for revisions to the course if it is not approved. The student can choose to make revisions and resubmit. It is best to talk to your faculty sponsor, college magisters, and/or one of the COLL 300 instructors about the revisions and how to proceed.

Are there funds available to support the purchase of course materials?

Yes! Each academic year college magisters are allocated a small budget for ALL college courses at their college. The course proposal form has space to request a budget for your course. For more information about available funds you are directed to speak to your college magister. The CTE does not distribute funds for COLL courses.