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**Please Read:

The COLL Course Proposal Process has changed beginning Spring 2024.

Please note that your faculty sponsor ONLY needs to sign the STC proposal form and previously required documents are no longer part of the application packet (e.g., faculty letter).

Additionally, DO NOT contact your magister for their signature; the CTE will solicit your magister's approval once we have received your initial submission by 5 p.m. on Friday, February 16.**

COLL Course Proposal (For Undergraduate Students)

Student-taught courses allow undergraduates to teach and to take classes in non-traditional subjects, and to thereby supplement the Rice curriculum. These courses are labeled COLL (college courses) and are offered for 1 credit hour on a satisfactory/non-satisfactory basis. A student may only count three hours of credit for student taught courses towards graduation, including COLL 200 courses.

All students hoping to teach a COLL course must submit a complete COLL Courses Application and attach the required documents. (Course Syllabus AND STC Proposal Form). Course proposals for Fall 2024 are due by 5 p.m. on February 16, 2024. For a student’s course to be considered it must by submitted for approval to the Center for Teaching Excellence via this form. Course proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered for approval until the following semester. Students will be notified of course approval within 2 weeks after the submission deadline.

Complete the information and submit the two documents listed below via THIS GOOGLE FORM

Two Required Documents

1. A course syllabus, including the items required by the faculty Senate syllabus policy.

2. STC Proposal Form (signed by your Faculty Sponsor; signatures may be electronic; DO NOT solicit the signature of your magister).

Proposal guidelines and the STC Proposal Form can be found at this link!

(For Non-Student Taught Courses, submit the form above and the two additional required documents listed here. Then, email the remaining documents to Tom McCabe at

For any questions, please contact the CTE by email at

Sample Syllabi

COLL 198: Practical Circuit Theory and Electronics

COLL 103: Introduction to the Vietnamese Language

COLL 104: Understanding Asian American Through Food

COLL 123: The Art of Attraction in KPop Music

COLL 137: The Philosophy of Coffee