Course Support Award

Graduate Teaching Award for Course Support


Every Rice graduate student who assisted an Instructor of Record in the Fall of 2022, Spring of 2023, or the Summer of 2023 is eligible for the 2024 Graduate Teaching Award for Course Support. This award was designed to recognize graduate students who distinguish themselves in the course support they provide to an Instructor of Record. Because we are already recognizing graduate students with a student support award, the focus of this award is on substantive contributions to course design and delivery. Examples of course support include, but are not limited to, contributions to the design of the syllabus, individual assignments, on-line tutorials, or the delivery of various in-class lessons and activities.


November 1 — Nominations Due
December 15 — Applications Due
March 22 — Winners Selected; Candidates Notified
April 23, 2024 — Winners Honored at University Awards Ceremony

Nomination Form

As this is an award for course support, graduate students must be nominated by the Instructor of Record for whom they provided assistance.

If you are a faculty member, postdoc, or other instructor of record who would like to nominate a graduate student from a course you taught, you should submit the short nomination form below no later than 11:59PM. *Please refer to eligibility and timeline above


Application Form


Congratulations on being nominated by a faculty member for the Graduate Student Award for Course Support!

Applications are due no later than 11:59PM and deadlines are listed under the timeline.

If you were nominated for more than one course or semester, please select the course for which you think you will be most competitive (note that only 2022-2023 courses are eligible).


Review of Application Materials

We recognize that outstanding contributions to course design and delivery can take many forms and that they will look differently in different disciplines. When evaluating your application, the Teaching Awards Committee will look for evidence of contributions that went above and beyond the standard requirements for this appointment, impacted student learning, and were grounded in evidence-based practices and your own teaching philosophy.