Certificate in Teaching and Learning

Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning

The graduate certificate in Teaching and Learning is an accredited certificate program that was launched by the CTE in 2014. To earn the GCTL, students must complete four courses:

  • UNIV 500: Principles of Effective Teaching
  • UNIV 501: Research on Teaching and Learning
  • UNIV 502: Practicum in College Teaching
  • UNIV 599: Teaching Portfolio

The certificate coursework culminates in the capstone course (UNIV 599), in which students receive one-on-one mentoring in the creation of a teaching portfolio. Detailed program requirements are listed in the Rice General Announcements. Students who wish to officially enroll in the certificate program may visit our Forms page to complete the declaration form.

The CTE's classes for the certificate have been so helpful to me in terms of gaining confidence in my teaching abilities and giving me the proper vocabulary when it comes to pedagogy. I had always cared about wanting to be a good teacher, but I had no idea about all of the different methods and research behind it all. The certificate program was especially valuable in preparing me for the job market; with the help and feedback from [the CTE faculty], I can also be sure that I have a strong teaching portfolio that will be competitive in the job market.

The GCTL program has been incredibly valuable. It has changed how I think about approaching instruction and also brought to my attention considerations I need to be effective as a teacher, including practices for how to refine my goals and expectations for students. Participating in this certificate is one of the best choices I've made in my graduate career.