Spotlight on Exceptional Teaching: CTE Teaching Studio


This week members of the Rice University faculty are invited to join in a campus-wide celebration of teaching during the 2nd annual Faculty Owl Days. For two days faculty across campus will join in a shared commitment to teaching and learning by opening the doors of their classrooms and visiting each other’s classes. On September 20th and 21st faculty can visit over forty courses representing a wide variety of disciplines, levels of instruction, and pedagogical practices.

Given the success of the inaugural Faculty Owl Days in 2015 the CTE staff and Faculty Fellows began a new initiative to shine a spotlight on exceptional throughout the year - the Teaching Studio. The Teaching Studio provides the opportunity for faculty to give others a glimpse into their courses and pedagogical practices. The idea of a Teaching Studio is meant to reflect a virtual space in which faculty can share their experiments, lessons learned, as well as tried and true practices with course design and pedagogical strategies. The Teaching Studio is a space that both honors and celebrates the ongoing process to improve teaching and learning for both new and seasoned faculty.

Over the course of the last year the CTE staff have been visiting classes and talking with some of the many faculty using unique, creative and effective approaches to teaching and learning in their classrooms. Each course in the Teaching Studio Gallery is profiled as a Feature or a Studio Short. Features in the gallery present an in-depth profile of a course outlining the instructor’s pedagogical approach, teaching goals, the teaching strategies they utilize to address these goals, and future plans for course modifications. Studio Shorts present a brief description of a specific teaching strategy focused on addressing a teaching difficulty. Visitors to the Teaching Studio Gallery can search for courses in specific schools as well as by types of pedagogical approaches.

We will be adding courses to the Teaching Studio on a regular basis. If you are interested in being featured in the Teaching Studio or would like to nominate a course, please contact Robin Paige.

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