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Graduate Student TA Training

At Rice University, teaching assistants (TAs) play an important role in the success of many of the university’s courses. Serving as a teaching assistant provides many benefits to the students and faculty as well as the graduate student taking on this role. Directly assisting and working with undergraduates and one’s peers brings with it many rewards in addition to many responsibilities.

Each year, the CTE hosts training sessions to provide TAs with the basic information necessary to perform their work in these roles responsibly. We spend most of the session introducing the federal regulations and institutional policies that govern this work (ADA, FERPA, Title IX, Amorous Relations, and the Honor Code), but end with some quick tips for grading and working with students in office hours.

The 2017 TA Training will take place across two repeat sessions on Monday, August 21st from 11:30-12:30 and Tuesday, August 22nd from 12:00-1:00. Slides can be accessed below.