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Course Design Fundamentals: Backward Design & Essential Questions

Over the 2017-18 academic year the CTE will offer a series of six one-hour workshops covering course design fundamentals. The series is organized to provide participants with the tools to design a new course from the ground up or redesign an existing course. Participants can choose to attend all workshops in the series or select individual workshops that best fit with their current course design goals. Workshops are open to all faculty and course instructors.

**NOTE: Because the first workshop in this series was cancelled when Rice closed during Hurricane Harvey, we will be covering the introductory material in this workshop, as well.

Course Design Fundamentals: Introduction to Backward Design and Essential Questions

In this workshop faculty will work to develop the essential questions at the heart of their course. These questions will provide a framework for course learning goals with a focus on developing and deepening student understanding of concepts, ideas, and processes.