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Pedagogy Institute for Graduate Students and Postdocs


Are you planning a career in academia? Are you currently a TA, Graduate Instructor, or Teaching Postdoc at Rice? Are you running lab sections, grading papers, or developing your own courses? Do you ever wonder whether the things you’re doing (or thinking about doing) will make a difference for your students?  Are you curious about how to frame your teaching experiences for different audiences?

If so, please join Rice’s Center for Teaching Excellence for our inaugural Pedagogy Institute for Graduate Students and Postdocs on Friday, November 13th, from 1:00-4:00PM. In this 3-hour workshop, we will introduce you to the broad outlines of scholarship on teaching and learning, discuss ways this scholarship might be applied to your current and future teaching, and help you to think about how you might discuss what you’ve learned on the job market. Topics to be covered include: memory, retention, motivation, and metacognitive reflection. We will also make a point to highlight the diverse methodological approaches of the scholarship of teaching and learning as a broad, interdisciplinary field.

Coffee and cookies will be served, and all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are welcome.

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