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What's New in Research on Teaching and Learning: Creating Learners: Encouraging Your Students to be Learning-Centered

  • Center for Teaching Excellence Herring 129 Houston, TX 77005 (map)

Robin Paige, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

How can we encourage students to prioritize learning as much as they do course grades? As instructors can we play a role in shaping students’ views of themselves as learners? In this talk, Robin Paige Director of the CTE, will discuss evidence-based strategies that encourage students to be learning-centered rather than performance-focused. Research demonstrates that students learn better and are more motivated in courses that incorporate practices to develop skills for learning such as metacognition and self-regulation.  Building opportunities into our courses for students to develop these universal skills and a learning mindset is one way we can insure that all students have equal access to learning in our classrooms and can achieve to the best of their abilities.

This event is open to all within the Rice community. Pizza will be served.