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American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese: Outstanding Teacher of the Year Awards

The AATSP Outstanding Teacher of the Year Awards are given to teachers of Spanish or Portuguese representing the following four categories and a $500 honorarium for the winner teachers accompanies this award:

A. Elementary Level: Grades K-8
B. Secondary Level 9-12
C. Two-year college level
D. College or university level

Teachers who wish to be candidates for these awards must follow the procedures outlined below.

ELIGIBILITY: To be considered, the nominee must meet the following requirements:

1. Membership in the national AATSP for at least five consecutive years. 
2. Provide evidence of teaching Spanish or Portuguese for at least five consecutive years at any level of instruction.
3. Your application materials should include:

a. Completed Awards Application Form (DOC)
b. A current curriculum vitae or resume (no longer than 10 pages in length) 
c. At least two, but no more than five, letters of recommendation which may include letters from administrators, colleagues, or other significant references. Letters of recommendation should be written by those who have first-hand knowledge of the candidate's teaching abilities. Letters should provide evidence of outstanding teaching from a variety of sources such as direct classroom observation; students evaluations; teaching portfolios including videos; review of course syllabi and print and on-line teaching materials. 
d. A personal statement. The candidate should provide evidence of professional excellence in teaching Spanish or Portuguese in a two-or three-page statement which presents the candidate's teaching philosophy and involvement in related activities and professional organizations. In this position statement the candidate may comment on any of the following topics:

1. How are students inspired to want to speak Spanish or Portuguese and to develop proficiency in the other language skills? 
2. How are creativity and ingenuity used in planning classroom activities that help to challenge students? 
3. What type of activities are used to develop critical thinking and higher order thinking skills?
4. How is a sense of global understanding developed in the students? 
5. To what extent has the candidate demonstrated leadership and participation
6. In what way has the candidate shared knowledge or information with colleagues?

More information HERE.

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