American Sociological Association: Annual Award for Scholarly Contributions to Teaching and Learning


The ASA Section on Teaching and Learning seeks nominations for the Award for Scholarly Contributions to Teaching and Learning.  This award recognize scholarship that advances teaching and learning by contributing insights into the educational process, presents innovative teaching methods, and fosters significant, long-lasting learning. The awardee will have demonstrated excellence in one or more of these areas:

  • Documented contribution to our understanding of the teaching and learning process
  • Implemented innovation that enhances the learning process
  • Programmatic guidelines that have been implemented in teaching and learning settings
  • New teaching methods made available to the instructional community.

The award will be presented to an individual, a team of collaborators, or a formal program, at least one of which is a member of the American Sociological Association. Any work published, implemented, or presented in the past three years will be eligible for this award.

Nomination Portfolio:

  1. Nominating letter describing in general the contributions of the candidate to the scholarship on teaching and learning, not exceeding two pages.
  2. Presentation of evidence-based scholarship
  3. Journal and book publication(s) relating to the project and/or
  4. Documentation of course/program development (course syllabi, program literature, web-site pages) and/or
  5. Listing of presentations of the contribution to professional and non-professional publics, including scholarly publications conference presentation, media, web-site coverage, etc.
  6. Curriculum vitae for nominee, or for key individuals among the collaborative team. 

The portfolio should be submitted as a single file that contains all elements in the order listed.

Questions regarding nominations and portfolio submission should  be directed to with subject line SCHOLARLY CONTRIBUTION AWARD NOMINATION

More information HERE. 

Posted on June 16, 2016 and filed under Spring.