Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture: Creative Achievement Award

Description: To recognize a specific creative achievement in teaching, design, scholarship, research, or service that advances architectural education.

Criteria: Candidates in the area of teaching shall have had a positive stimulating influence upon students through a full course, course project, or course module. Candidates in areas of design, scholarship, or research shall have created a work or a project that provides significant insight into the understanding and advancement of architecture and architectural education. Candidates in the area of service shall have significant impact fostering and creating a work or project that provides a healthy environment for learning led to an understanding and appreciation of architectural education in the community at large. Submissions should convey how they address ideas of cultural, social, economic, or environmental sustainability.

Eligibility: Full-time faculty or persons whose activities have clearly been identified with architectural education in ACSA full-member schools are eligible. The achievement must have been accomplished during the period of appointment. Any faculty member, administrator, or student at an ACSA full-member school may nominate a candidate for the ACSA Creative Achievement Award. Projects that have previously been recognized by ACSA will not be considered.

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Posted on June 14, 2016 and filed under Fall.