Society for College Science Teachers Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher Award (OUSTA)

The pur­pose of the Out­stand­ing Under­grad­u­ate Sci­ence Teacher Award (OUSTA) is to rec­og­nize the achieve­ments of our teach­ing col­leagues that have enhanced the pro­fes­sion as out­stand­ing teach­ers of sci­ence. This annual award is based upon a selec­tion process that eval­u­ates nom­i­nees accord­ing to the fol­low­ing ranked cat­e­gories: 1) teach­ing excel­lence; 2) schol­ar­ship; and 3) service.

Nom­i­nees need not be a mem­ber of SCST, but should have been actively involved in teach­ing under­grad­u­ate sci­ence for the pre­vi­ous five (5) years. Nom­i­na­tions may be made by col­leagues or stu­dents; self-nominations are also encouraged.

The cri­te­ria for each cat­e­gory shall include, but not be lim­ited to the following:

§  Teach­ing excel­lence as evi­dence through teach­ing phi­los­o­phy and effec­tive­ness, teach­ing inno­va­tions, and course and cur­ric­ula development.

§  Schol­ar­ship as evi­denced through pub­li­ca­tions in sci­ence edu­ca­tion, pre­sen­ta­tions, grants received, and other forms of schol­ar­ship includ­ing discipline-based research.

§  Ser­vice to sci­ence edu­ca­tion, stu­dents, the pro­fes­sion, sci­en­tific and edu­ca­tional orga­ni­za­tions, the nominee’s insti­tu­tion, local teach­ers and their school sys­tems, and the gen­eral pub­lic with the over­all goal of enhanc­ing under­stand­ing of sci­en­tific issues.

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Posted on June 13, 2016 and filed under Spring.