American Society for Engineering Education: Benjamin Garver Lamme Award

The Benjamin Garver Lamme Award is bestowed upon a distinguished engineering educator for contributions to the art of teaching, contributions to research and technical literature and achievements that contribute to the advancement of the profession of engineering college administration.

The Award: The Lamme Trust Fund, established in 1928 in memory of Benjamin Garver Lamme, provides the funds for the award, which consists of a gold medal and certificate.

Qualifications: Representing the best in engineering education administration, the Benjamin Garver Lamme Award is bestowed upon a recipient who demonstrates the following qualities:

  1. Excellence in teaching and ability to inspire students to high levels of accomplishment.
  2. Improvement of engineering education through contributions of research, books or technical articles that have a lasting influence on engineering education.
  3. Administration of engineering schools that has led to definite and recognized improvements in the art of engineering education.
  4. Participation in the work of engineering and educational societies that has led to the improvement of engineering education.
  5. Achievements outside the field of teaching, such as personal professional development in industry, consulting work, inventions, government service, and so on. (Such achievements will be considered secondary in importance in selecting the recipient.)

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Posted on June 13, 2016 and filed under Spring.