The CTE is available to consult with any member of the Rice community about his or her teaching. These consultations can be scheduled whenever it is convenient for you, but most instructors choose to schedule them in the months prior to when a course will be taught. Please contact the CTE Director at or 713.348.3093 to schedule a teaching consultation.

In accordance with the best practices for educational development set forth by the Professional and Organizational Development Network, the CTE maintains confidentiality for all of these services. Consultation and collaboration are available in the following areas:


The CTE staff is available to consult with all instructors on syllabi and course design or redesign. Whether you are developing a course for the first time or thinking about a course redesign we can help you review and improve your courses. A consultation with a CTE staff member provides an opportunity to reflect, discuss, and refine your planning of your student's learning experiences. Instructors are encouraged to consult with the CTE staff at all stages of course design and preparation. All consultations will be tailored to the unique goals and pedagogical style of each instructor. Course design consultation addresses a wide range of issues. These issues may include:

  • syllabi construction

  • learning goals

  • grading methods and policies

  • educational technologies

  • course attendance policies

  • the role of a course in program curriculum

  • content and reading assignments


The CTE staff is available to consult with all instructors on pedagogical approaches and learning strategies. Consultations with instructors can focus on pedagogical approaches across the breadth of the course in addition to specific activities and techniques for implementing learning goals. Topics covered can include:

  • classroom techniques and activities

  • educational technologies for information delivery/engagement

  • discussion and facilitation

  • innovative teaching strategies (service learning, experiential learning, team-based learning, etc)

  • addressing multiple approaches to learning

  • students’ varying levels of preparation for coursework


The CTE staff is available to consult with all instructors on course assessment techniques both formative and summative.

  • essay exams and written assignments

  • assignment design for both in-class and out-of-class work

  • multiple choice exams and quizzes

  • exam item analysis (coming soon)

  • group work and projects

  • best practices for employing undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants


Advising and mentoring is a form of teaching and the CTE is available to support faculty in the wide variety of ways they engage with undergraduate and graduate students outside of the classroom:

  • making the most of office hours for both students and faculty

  • making use of technology and social media for “digital office hours”

  • mentoring undergraduate and graduate students engaged in faculty sponsored research and senior honors theses

  • managing letters of recommendation requests