The CTE has its roots in the priorities for Rice University outlined in President David Leebron’s “Vision for the Second Century” (V2C), where he emphasized the centrality of outstanding teaching to our mission as an institution of higher learning. 

The idea for establishing a CTE then gained some traction in January of 2012 at a campus-wide discussion on teaching that was held in conjunction with Rice 2032, a series of conversations focused on different aspects of the V2C.  Following this event, John Hutchinson, the Dean of Undergraduates and an award-winning teacher of Chemistry, convened Rice’s winners of the Piper Professorship to discuss what a CTE at Rice might look like.  Building off of these discussions, Hutchinson garnered support from across the campus and, with a group of Faculty Fellows who had a demonstrated history of exceptional teaching, officially launched the CTE in the fall of 2012.

The CTE’s first full-time director, Josh Eyler, was hired in 2013, and Assistant Directors Betsy Barre and Robin Paige came on board in 2014.  From the beginning, the staff of the CTE has been buoyed by the administrative guidance of Brian Gibson, who is Associate Dean of Undergraduates.  Program-level support was provided by Noreen Hoard during the period when the CTE was founded and, later, by our Office Manager Beth Castillo.

Below we have included a list of the founding Faculty Fellows of the CTE:

Lisa Balabanlilar (History)
Steve Cox (Computational and Applied Mathematics; Chair, 2012-13 and 2014-16)
Kate de Luna (History)*
Reto Geiser (Architecture)
Bridget Gorman (Sociology)
Jane Grande-Allen (Bioengineering)
Mike Gustin (BioSciences)
Jason Hafner (Physics & Astronomy)
Matthias Henze (Religion)
Rachel Kimbro (Sociology)
Kathy Matthews (BioSciences; Chair, 2013-14)
Caleb McDaniel (History)*
Al Napier (Jones School of Business)
Marcia O’Malley (Mechanical Engineering)
Ann Saterbak (Bioengineering)
Ric Stoll (Political Science)
Bob Westbrook (Jones School of Business)

*Kate de Luna left Rice for a new position in 2013, and Caleb McDaniel was selected by the Fellows to replace her in the initial cohort.